While zooming around the world, sometimes unusual, unique, and wacky sights come into view and I thought I’d share one Boeing Dreamlifterwith you.  As we got off our bus to get on our plane in Nagoya, Japan, we looked up and saw one of Boeing’s gigantic Dreamlifter aircraft.  Our timing was perfect as we were able to watch the loading of a pair of 787 wings.  When you see the Dreamlifter cracked open in the middle, your first thought is, “That’s just WRONG!”  It was an incredible sight and we were fortunate to see it as there are only three of them in existence.  It was named the “Dreamlifter” since it was designed to carry Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” wings and parts.  The aircraft is an extensively modified 747-400. Boeing Dreamlifter You may have heard about the aircraft in the news back in November when one of them landed at a small airport 9 miles away from its intended destination at McConnell Air Force Base by mistake.  This link provides more photos of the aircraft and details of the incident.  Distracted pilot landed mammoth Dreamlifter jet at wrong airport!