Hello fellow aviators.  After that brutal abomination we call winter, hopefully all of us are revving our engines to go flying this summer.  This month, I thought I’d share some of my photos depicting some new adventures you may wish to check off your bucket list.  Trying new forms of aviation widens your knowledge base, makes you a more well-rounded pilot, and is often an absolute blast!  Hope this inspires some of you to jump off the diving board to give something new a try.

Fly a glider! (pictured above)

Stanton Airport is a nearby glider port although Faribault has a much more extensive operation.  It’s like regular flying without the noise!  For a really cool perspective, see if you could schmooze your way into a ride in the tow plane.

Fly a taildragger!

Maybe even get your tailwheel endorsement.This is an adventure that will have you MASTERING your crosswind landing technique.  Again, we have club members who can help in this regard.



Schmooze your way into a Warbird ride. 

This take a bit of doing but hanging around airports and talking to people can yield some tremendous adventures!


Fly somewhere new

Create your own adventure.  Fly to Chicago, take in a baseball game, then visit the aviation museum at Oshkosh on your way home the next day, for example.  Reduce the costs by taking friends, family, or fellow pilots along.




If you’ve never had the chance to hang from your straps upside down, make this the summer you’ll never forget!  We have at least one club member with access and expertise in a Decathlon who might be willing to take you up.  Let me know and I’ll put you in touch.  Cool Aviation Trivia:  Why is a Citabria named a Citabria?  Because if you spell it backwards, it spells AIRBATIC!!

Super Decathlon


Camp under the wing!

It doesn’t have to be at Oshkosh.  You can do this probably at any small airport with permission.  Why sleep at home when you can sleep under a Cessna?!!

Camping Under Wing


Attend an airshow!  Better yet, fly to the airshow!

The Blue Angels will be appearing at Duluth on Aug 23-24.  Other shows this summer include Anoka, LaCrosse, Flying Cloud, Buffalo, Lake Minnetonka, Quad Cities, and Chicago.



Fly a seaplane!  Get a rating or just go for a ride.

Check out Surfside Seaplane Base at Lino Lakes.  There’s nothing like sitting on the pontoon of a Piper Cub with the engine off in the middle of a lake dangling your feet in the water.

Sea Plane


Learn formation flying!

This is really fun and can provide fantastic photo opportunities for passengers. At least one pilot should be experienced in formation flight.

Cessna 172


Photos and notes by Jim Zurales.  Cloud 7 member and flight instructor.