Cloud 7’s Spring 2015 open house and plane wash will be held from 3-7 PM on Thursday, May 28. This is one of two events each year where we wash and wax the airplanes, clean up the hangars, and have a BBQ (grills light at 5 PM) to promote camaraderie among the membership. It’s also a chance for us to show off what we are and what we do to prospective new members.

To prospective new members who would like to stop by find out why Cloud 7 is such a great way to economically move up to a fleet of high performance aircraft, send us a note on our contact page — we’d love to have you stop over for a burger and to show off our fleet and facilities. To our friends and neighbors on Flying Cloud Airport, stop by to say hi. We’re located off Pioneer Trail on the north end of Hotel Lane.