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About us

Twin City Cloud 7, Inc., was founded in 1966 by seven pilots with one Skyhawk. The purpose then, as now, was to provide well-equipped, professionally maintained aircraft at a reasonable cost per hour.

Through the years, the officers and directors have increased the owner’s equity while constantly improving the equipment to the present fleet of two Cessna 172 Skyhawks, two C182 Skylanes, and two C210 Centurions.

By utilizing the aircraft to the fullest and by close control of maintenance, without sacrificing quality, costs have been held to below what lesser equipped planes cost to rent from other sources.

The number of owners varies, and new faces appear while old ones leave. From the ones that leave, the most quoted reason for leaving theĀ organization is relocation to another area. The number two reason for selling a share is the purchase of a private airplane by one or two persons, a goal many would like to attain but with cost rising so rapidly, ownership is the only reasonable alternative. Rarely have we heard of anyone leaving because of dissatisfaction with the organization or the equipment. Many who have left because of a move have rejoined when they returned to the Twin Cities which is the best testimonial we can think of.

Twin Cities Cloud 7 is located at the Flying Cloud airport in Eden Prairie, MN.

Ownership Costs

Initial Fees: Equity Share – $7000
(Please Contact us to be placed on the waiting list)

Owners Monthly Fixed Cost– $170/month

Owner Variable Cost per Hour:

Flight time is calculated on tach hours and the hourly rates are wet (includes fuel). – Updated 05/2020

1981 Cessna 172 SKYHAWK (N54589) – $92 /hr
1982 Cessna 172 SKYHAWK (N65045) – $92 /hr
1977 Cessna 182 SKYLANE (N735LL) – $138 /hr
1978 Cessna 182 SKYLANE (N96418) – $138 /hr
1978 Cessna 210 CENTURION (N761SP) – $172 /hr
1978 Cessna 210 CENTURION (N6039N) – $172 /hr

Off field reimbursement rate is currently $4.28/gal.

Please see our FAQ section for Checkout Requirements

More questions?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions on the contact page, or send us a message for more info.